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Who is this best for?

You are having trouble grasping a topic for an upcoming test.

R600/3 hours


Perfect for:


  • Class tests

  • Missed lectures

  • Tutorials

  • Topic clarifications


most popular

Who is this best for?

You need to do well in your semester test.

R1100/6 hours


Perfect for:


  • Semester tests

  • Practicals/ Reports/ Assignments

  • Recovering grades

  • Two modules


most value for money

Who is this best for?

You not only want to pass, but excel.

R1700/10 hours


Perfect for:


  • Excellent final mark

  • All test preparations

  • Semester catch up

  • Multiple modules


If you are unsatisfied with your tutor in your first hour, we will refund you for it and find you a more suitable tutor.


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