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Who is this best for?

You are having trouble grasping a topic for an upcoming test.

R600/3 hours


Perfect for:


  • Class tests

  • Missed lectures

  • Tutorials

  • Topic clarifications


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Who is this best for?

You need to do well in your semester test.

R1100/6 hours


Perfect for:


  • Semester tests

  • Practicals/ Reports/ Assignments

  • Recovering grades

  • Two modules


most value for money

Who is this best for?

You not only want to pass, but excel.

R1700/10 hours


Perfect for:


  • Excellent final mark

  • All test preparations

  • Semester catch up

  • Multiple modules


If you are unsatisfied with your tutor in your first hour, we will refund you for it and find you a more suitable tutor.

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Online & face-to-face

All tutors listed on MiCampusTutors are available online and face-to-face.

Creator Suite

The Creator Suite allows all users to contribute their own creative works and sell them on the MiCampusTutors Store as well as track analytics and earnings.

Online store

The MiCampusTutors store allows users from all around the world to sell, contribute and access study material.


MiNotes is an online drive for all users to save items saved and purchased on the online store all in one place. Unlimited access. Unlimited storage. Anytime, anywhere.

Study material

Free study material. Download free summaries, class notes, memos and much more!

Track everything

Users can track all their tutor sessions, earnings, contributions and purchases via their personal consoles.


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