Philippi, Cape Town, South Africa

Second Year student, studying BEng Engineeringat the University Of Cape Town

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To make my teaching effective, I use examples because I believe that they create confidence in learners. Also, I use bullet point notes because they make points to stand out more better.


I completed my matric at the rural areas of Centane, Eastern Cape Province (quintile 1), in 2018. During that time, I was assisting most of the teachers with teaching, i.e. I was a volunteering-teaching assistant. I did this because I believed that the more you teach others, what you understand, the better your understanding gets. It was more of a benefit-teaching so to speak. Later, I realised that assisting learners and teachers was not just for me to gain better understanding, but it was for me to give out to others, and help them with their academics. As a result, my teaching ability improved and I gained strengths (patience, more knowledge on the concepts, etc.) and other skills such as different ways to explain problems or ways to solve them, etc. Thereafter, in 2019, I went to Varsity (University Of Cape Town) where I chose to study Civil Engineering. Further,I did my first year in 2019 and I passed with outstanding marks on engineering mathematics (Calculus 1 and 2). Consequently, the maths and applied math department chose me as one of their Hotseat tutors for 2020. Moreover, I gained more experience in tutoring and teaching (ability to help reach out to others through academics,specifically through engineering math). But, due to covid-19 we could not continue with tutoring. Also, I am a 2020 residence tutor, at Kopano Residence.