Pretoria, South Africa

I am a Fourth Year student, studying BEng Mechanical Engineering at TUKS

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The teaching approach I follow is one based on compassion and respect. Many of the classes I tutor I once struggled with myself, so I know how frustrating things can seem when the work doesn't make sense. I offer a different approach to the subject material than that taught by lecturers. I give students useful tips on how to study efficiently and successfully that they can use for the rest of their lives.


I have had a wide variety of teaching experiences in my past. In high school, I tutored a fellow student in our programming class. With my teaching, her grades increased by 30%. I joined MiCampusTutors in my second year of university and taught physics to two students. I spent my third year of university on an exchange program abroad. There I learned the importance of student-based teaching. When students work together and learn from one another, they gain a deeper understanding of the subject material. I follow a similar philosophy in my teaching style.TUKS employed me as a tutor for a programming class this past semester. I also taught multiple students through MiCampusTutors. I am passionate about teaching students, and I hope to become a lecturer one day myself.