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Rhodes University second-year Bachelor of Social Sciences student offering real-time tutoring for real knowledge now!

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The teaching method I will use to facilitate learning is a two-way teaching method that requires engagement from the student (you) and I. This engagement with the course content will allow me to gauge your ability as the student to understand the content. The benefits of this two-way teaching method are two-fold, (1) It assists in identifying the key challenges concerning the requested course content and (2) it enables me to create a tailor-made tutorial programme that is time-sensitive depending on the student's needs aimed at addressing the knowledge gap there is currently.

How I will facilitate this teaching method is as follows:
(1) A preliminary brief worksheet will be provided. The worksheet will
contain an overview of questions of the course content
(requested topic), the worksheet will be completed by the student
for assessment of key problem areas concerning the topic.
(2) Following the worksheet assessment, I will draft a tailor-made
tutorial plan intended at making the course content digestible.
(3)The tutorial plan will consist of demonstrations that include
practical examples of the course content (remember the social
sciences always have continuous real-time experience for us to
draw on).


I am a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Social Science degree at Rhodes University. I am currently a class representative for my Economics class (glad that did not require a minimum requirement). Being a class representative is an extension of my academics, it keeps me in tune with my peers' needs and I feel that it complements the duties I have as a tutor. The skills I have from being a class representative and a tutor in the respective spaces I occupy enables me to facilitate a greater understanding of the course(s) as a whole.

At this point, my academic background is the academic experience I have to offer although there are numerous academic aspirations I wish to fulfill, successfully tutoring my peers (you) would be the accomplishment of one those aspirations. I look forward to learning with you and teaching you!